Collateral Concepts

The designer Albert Huang’s second instalment of Collateral Concepts is titled Aequanimitas.

Albert is well educated in the anatomical human body and chooses to incorporate this knowledge into his designs.

Available for purchase at Never End Gallery

Albert explains some of his thoughts about the design on Stylezeitgeist forum

“I’ve titled this collection Aequanimitas.

Sir William Osler is generally known as the father of modern medicine. He was a strong physician and developed the current system of the medical residency. Quite a number of clinical findings and physical manifestations of diseases are named by him and for him. In 1889 Osler gave the speech at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine’s graduation with the same title.

“The complementary “mental” virtue is aequanimitas, which is the personal quality of calmly accepting whatever comes in life. These virtues, however, should not lead to “hardness” in dealing with patients.”

“sler believes that some distance is necessary in order for the physician to develop what we would call empathy, the ability to understand the patient’s problem accurately and to convey that understanding back to the patient. The virtue of aequanimitas also suggests a general attitude of acceptance that is crucial to good medical practice. Notice, too, that Osler views certain personal qualities (virtues) as essential for the good physician.”

This has resonated with me and is something that I found to be quite remarkable of Osler to not only identify but for him to characterize and fully define. Having done research at UPenn SoM as well I feel like I have some level of connection with Osler through all of this.

The long sleeve shirt in the collection is the development of movement points of the body.

The front and back panels are each a single unbroken piece with panels sewn in with rounded edges. Fully reversible and fully finished on both sides.

The center back piece is based on the trapezius muscle placement

With a longer extension down the back to accommodate the wide, scapula-splitting movements of reaching and arm crossing. The underarm and side panels stretch lengthwise to accommodate arm flexion and a fuller range of motion while keeping the front and back panels close to the body for a sharp fit that is not restrictive (as it feels like it may be initially but with movement you feel the “give” with the cotton jersey inserts). Since the waist and wrist proper do not have muscles, the cuffs and hem of the shirt do not stretch (well, to be truthful the front and back panels stretch veerrrrrryyyy slightly).

The rings are of course stamped one letter at a time by hand with “aequanimitas” on the inner face as to be close to the body… a personal mantra for no one but yourself.

The oilcan ring is silver that is heated and treated with the oil from my totaled 1969 Karmann Ghia. Don’t worry, it’s not greasy! Heat treating the silver with the oil from a car I put hundreds of hours into that is now destroyed allows me to carry a bit of it with me and incorporate my “work” into other venues.

I hope that sheds a bit more light into the pieces!”


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