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El Secreto de sus Ojos

Here is another movie tip!

Argentinian film “El Secreto de sus Ojos” (Secret In Their Eyes) won the Oscar (2010) for best Foreign language film of the year 2009. I enjoyed the movie a lot. It’s a very well made film, with an intriguing plot, great characters and superb acting.

The film is about a man named Benjamin (played by Ricardo Darin), who is retired from working with the criminal court, and decides to write a book on a case he worked on twenty years previously. The case, which dealt with a horrible rape and murder of a young woman and mother, was not resolved correctly in Benjamin’s opinion. He teams up with his drunken friend, Sandoval, played by Argentinean comedian Guillermo Francella. Clumsily, they go around gathering clues and information to find the actual murderer, making a scene almost everywhere they go. The whole time, he struggles to have this case reopened and resolved.

My favourite character is without doubt the side-kick Sandoval. He’s a sophisticated drunk. It’s his passion, according to himself. And a man can´t change his passion. Despite his drinking habits he deliver very exact and wisely timed lines during the movie which at times are quite laughable and thoughtful.


New Pants!

As mentioned I got myself a pair of trousers from Damir Doma at Fever.

Here’s the info and promised pics of what is sure to be my favourite slacks for the summer.

The trousers are made of extremely soft and thin cotton which has a nice worn in feeling to them. It almost expected them to be blended with silk. They have one bigger back pocket and two front zipper pockets. Untied they are very loose in the waist. However you tie them with a waistband which enables you to decide how to wear them. Legs are slim and stretchy which also makes it possible to pull them up for a more summer look. Understandably these pants are very comfortable. The details have always had a huge importance with Damir Doma. This pair comes with Super Ry zippers.

Ive been ranting about the very nice fabrics and construction of materials in these types of clothes. I hope these pictures gives you a little bit better taste of how the material looks like.


Damir Doma arrives at Fever

Finally, the shipment of Damir Doma’s spring collection has arrived in Sweden, at Gothenburg store Fever.

I visited the store yesterday and things are selling out fast! A little surprising on one hand because this type of fashion does not get much credit with the swedish fashion magazines. On the other hand, the clothes are as usual quite spectacular. Its all about the construction of the garments, the textures and the silhouttes. If you happen to spot some Damir Doma, I urge you to try it on…cause it doesnt seem as impressing on pictures or even hanging in the store.

I scored myself a beautiful pair of summer pants which is kind of a mix between leggings and drop crotch sweatpants. I will upload pictures tomorrow so check it out!


Ghost Writer

Just came back from the movie theatre where I watched Roman Polanski’s latest movie “Ghost Writer“.

First off, this is a bloody good movie. The best I’ve seen so far this year…well not counting japanese masterpiece Love Exposure since that one actually came out last year. Anyway…you should really go see this movie! I haven´t seen many ads for it and the theatre was almost empty…which sometimes is an indication that the movie is crap. Not in this case though.

The movie is very well produced from everything to the shooting, cutting, editing, acting and so on. I didn’t even found one dull moment during the 2 hours and 8 min. Its somewhat of a political thriller and those usually have its moments when things can get a little bit boring in my opinion. Well I wont try to make a full review…others are better suited for that but I just wanted to give you some heads up….don’t miss this one!


Life And Death Of A Porno Gang

Hmm seeing the trailer for the Serbian film “The Life And Death Of A Porno Gang” didnt exactly make me wanna watch the movie. However when screened at Fantasia film festival it was somewhat of a crowd pleaser receiving a 7.1 out of 10.

Fantasia’s head of international programming Mitch Davies commented the movie

Simply put, this is the gutsiest, most shocking film of 2009. It is to Serbian culture what CLOCKWORK ORANGE was to Great Britain. With this film, about a traveling “porno cabaret” who travel from village to village performing unusual live sex acts as a means of sexual confrontation, before taking their disciplines into darker, deadlier places, writer/ director Mladen Djordjevic joins ranks with Gaspar Noé, Lars Von Trier, Takashi Miike and Michael Haneke as one of the most daring and provocative filmmakers working today.

Maybe it isn’t so bad after all…hmm the trailer does nothing to make this movie seem good though



More Silent!

Backpacks are practical. Although they are usually not very aesthetically pleasing. I think the last time I wore a backpack was in elementary school and it probably figured a picture of some action hero of some kind.

However these backpacks from Damir Doma’s Silent label is looking real good. I could definitely see myself wearing this in the summer.

Available at Forward for 338 USD


Silent Sneakers arrival

First online drop of the sneakers of Damir Doma’s underlabel Silent had landed at Oki-Ni.

Prices start at 225 GBP

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