Damir Doma arrives at Fever

Finally, the shipment of Damir Doma’s spring collection has arrived in Sweden, at Gothenburg store Fever.

I visited the store yesterday and things are selling out fast! A little surprising on one hand because this type of fashion does not get much credit with the swedish fashion magazines. On the other hand, the clothes are as usual quite spectacular. Its all about the construction of the garments, the textures and the silhouttes. If you happen to spot some Damir Doma, I urge you to try it on…cause it doesnt seem as impressing on pictures or even hanging in the store.

I scored myself a beautiful pair of summer pants which is kind of a mix between leggings and drop crotch sweatpants. I will upload pictures tomorrow so check it out!


1 Response to “Damir Doma arrives at Fever”

  1. April 24, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    Tack för tipset var ganska inställd på ett par från Acne och några billiga från Asos men Carin’s är ju riktigt snygga och det är förhoppningsvis inte lika många som äger ett par om man jämför med t.ex. Acne.

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