El Secreto de sus Ojos

Here is another movie tip!

Argentinian film “El Secreto de sus Ojos” (Secret In Their Eyes) won the Oscar (2010) for best Foreign language film of the year 2009. I enjoyed the movie a lot. It’s a very well made film, with an intriguing plot, great characters and superb acting.

The film is about a man named Benjamin (played by Ricardo Darin), who is retired from working with the criminal court, and decides to write a book on a case he worked on twenty years previously. The case, which dealt with a horrible rape and murder of a young woman and mother, was not resolved correctly in Benjamin’s opinion. He teams up with his drunken friend, Sandoval, played by Argentinean comedian Guillermo Francella. Clumsily, they go around gathering clues and information to find the actual murderer, making a scene almost everywhere they go. The whole time, he struggles to have this case reopened and resolved.

My favourite character is without doubt the side-kick Sandoval. He’s a sophisticated drunk. It’s his passion, according to himself. And a man can´t change his passion. Despite his drinking habits he deliver very exact and wisely timed lines during the movie which at times are quite laughable and thoughtful.


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