Weekend Movie Tip

I got this question about my taste in movies, it went something like “do you only watch weird movies that no one has ever seen or heard of?”

I just like to point out that, no I don’t just watch weird cult movies, but I can’t find a good reason to highlight a blockbuster hollywood movie that 99% have seen. I mean, for example, I love The Shawshank Redemption the number 1 movie on IMDB.com. There is just no point in being the 10 000 website saying, “yeah its a great movie”. If you haven’t seen it, you already know you should have seen it.

So anyway, on with the tip for this weekend.

Ichi The Killer (2001) is the hallmark of demonic japanese director Takashi Miike. This is THE movie that made him a big celebrity director outside of Japan. If you have normal taste for films, watch normal films, and don’t really explore certain genres…well even if none of that is true, this might still be the most shocking, disturbing and disgusting movie you´ve ever come across. Its been banned in several countries.

It is a pure violent, sadistic movie and also very japanese in its way to not compromise with its story and violence in order to please the audience or censorship boards. No question about it, this movie’s strong point is its blunt take on the sadistic violence and shocking scenes. But is it any good?

Well, Im not particulary fond of writing reviews so I usually include reviews written by others that I agree on…no exception here.

“Twenty minutes into Takashi Miike’s latest, visceral opus Ichi the Killer, I had to stop the film in fear of going mad from the mayhem I was witnessing. A violent opera of sadism filled with mutilated yakuza, masochistic prostitutes, and innocent victims caught up in a swath of incendiary revenge, Ichi the Killer is nothing short of a masterpiece — and a challenging one. Takashi Miike is no stranger to producing disturbing, genre-busting, and gut-wrenching cinematic treats like the Dead or Alive series, Audition, and Visitor Q. Watching a Miike film is akin to tossing the works of Billy Wilder, John Ford, Werner Fassbinder, Clive Barker, and David Cronenberg into a blender on puree mode. Then throw the mix against the wall, wipe it up with a sponge, and squeeze it onto fresh celluloid.

If you want a story, the synopsis of Ichi the Killer is about as complicated as Sadism for Dummies. Based on the popular manga by Hideo Yamamoto, Ichi the Killer is a vivid tale of retribution and revenge set within the yakuza underworld. After his yakuza boss goes missing, Kakihara (Tadanobu Asano, the Asian version of Johnny Depp) uses his sadistic methods of interrogation to find the boss’s assumed killers. Working his way through underworld connections – with the use of hot oil, piercing needles, and large hooks – Kakihara discovers his boss’s demise came at the hands of Ichi (Nao Omori), a mysterious figure that slices individuals into numerous bloody pieces with razor-sharp blades strapped to his boots. As Kakihara draws closer, Ichi turns the tables on the hunter and brings his own vengeance, served up sushi style.

While Miike has been down the hitman/burned-out cop/vicious killer road before, he has impressively reworked and revised the genre. The character of Ichi, a disturbed individual emotionally manipulated and fueled by hate via programmed memories of a girl’s rape, stands as one of the strongest cases of Freudian, sexual confusion ever imprinted on the silver screen.

The best part of the film is its realistic gore. Whenever Ichi slices open a throat with his razor-sharp boots, the blood sprays like a broken water main, painting all corners of the room in crimson fury. By mixing in CG elements, Ichi literally slices people in half. Gore aside, Asano and Omori are impressive actors, with Miike maintaining an omnipresent sense of danger and suspense throughout the film’s duration. Highly recommended, but be forewarned, it’ll take a strong stomach.” – Filmcritic.com


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