Korea is hot! Well not really hot, but the humidity makes it impossible to dress in anything else but shorts and t-shirt.

Went out and got me a new pair of shorts…kind of Julius look-a-like.

Shopping in Korea could be very confusing at times. You see in the same department store they will be selling copies of famous designers next to the real stuff. Outside the big Galleria Department store in Seoul (selling Chanel, LV, Gucci, Hermes etc) there are stands selling fakes. No one seem to care though. Been browsing some shops yesterday, and to my surprise they opened a huge Rick Owens store with an amazing selection (actually way better than the flagship store in Paris). However the prices were ridiculous high even by Rick Owens standards.

Best so far: Boon The Shop has 50 % on Comme Des Garcons Black label which makes it very affordable…unfortunately I had hard time finding my size. I did however try a piece that best could be described as a “layered frill dress skirt for men”. Well it looked like a womens dress. Damn I wish I had my camera for that…maybe I go back again just to take a picture of it.


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