The geniuses of Yohji Yamamoto and Mihara Yasuhiro

Coming to Tokyo has been a long dream of mine. Mostly to experience the culture, food, people etc, but also cause Tokyo is the home of some of the most talented designers of today.

Julius and Viridi-Anne are two favourite labels of mine, and yes they are every bit as good as I had hoped for.

But today me and my gf took a stroll in Ayoma/Omotesando and accidentally stumbled across the flag store of miharayasuhiro, and I have to admit it’s a pretty damn cool store with some really interesting designs. If I have anything negative to say about the label, it would be that it is somewhat uneven. While some of the stuff is totally awesome, others doesn’t really cut it for me. But overall I must say I was very impressed.

Same thing about the financially struggling Yohji Yamamoto. Especially his designs for women just blew me away, like only Ann Demeulemeester and Barbara Bui has done before. But his menswear is almost as good. Very classic, but with a modern twist (okay that’s a cliché, but in this case it is actually true).

Another really strong influence in japan is of course the super hip Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garcons. You can see her influences everywhere on the streets. I wasn’t that big of a fan before, but Im beginning to change my mind. Also the “economic recession label” Comme des Garcons BLACK is really great.

Tokyo street fashion has many different faces, but the two that stands out the most among guys are the Comme des Garcons playful drop-crotch pants thing and the “Julius” rock n roll style. I actually prefer the more playful approach on the japanese since they really have a tendency to overdo it when they try to imitate western rock n roll stars.

I can’t upload pictures at the moment, but I’ll get back on that.


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