Backward country

My snus (swedish tobacco) is finished and Ive turned to cigarettes to comfort my cravings for nicotine. And you know what is really f**ked up with Japan? Listen to this…you can smoke almost anywhere inside…clubs, bars, restaurants….hell you can even smoke in McDonalds. But here’s the thing…you CAN’T smoke outside! Well partly. All over the streets are this no-smoking-on-the-street signs.

However, there are some smoking zones. In Shibuya they have a big outdoor place surrounded by walls where you can smoke. In Ginza Ive seen a few assigned smoking areas on the big streets. But still mostly if you want to smoke and do it randomly when walking on the street, no one will actually tell you not to…although you feel like a criminal…looking over your shoulder whenever you want to butt out that cigarette.

It truly is a different country. Just a few minutes ago I shared the elevator with two “couples”. Girls were teenagers and the men were well over 50. Well I guess this happens in western countries too…its just here it’s so typical…they even have a café that only allows girls under 20 and guys over 40. It makes you wonder…


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