Top 5 picks of Tokyo

Been running around Tokyo for 10 days, and my top 5 picks during my stay were.

1. New York Bar, Park Hyatt Tokyo

Simply because you feel like you’re sitting in an old bar, before the invention of Stereo and the DJ. Plus the view over Tokyo is stunning.

2. Daikanyama

Has that international flair to it. Also the only spot I visited that wasn’t packed with people. Enjoy some italian food or browse high-end japanese fashion such as the Julius Flag Ship Store.

3. Izakaya

Im actually referring to a very specific one, where people sit on a long line (like a normal western bar). It’s on the right hand side if you walk from Roppongi Hills to Roppongi Station.

4. Comme des Garçons BLACK

Comme des Garcons mainline is sharper, but so is the price. Black label is a genius idea. It’s an economic recession label that will be available as long as the global economic recession lasts. The clothes are mostly done in black and white, and consists of some typical Comme des Garcons designs such as drop-crotch pants and shorts, tight 3-button jackets, club collar shirts and of course the androgynous skirt available in sizes for both men and women. It doesn’t hurt that the price is like a third of CDG mainline. There is nothing ground-breaking with CDG Black, but that’s not the point.

5. Shibuya

A must visit in Tokyo. It can get a little too much sometimes, but to make a walk through Shibuya is the “tokyo feeling” I bet many people are looking for when visiting Tokyo.


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