Shrek 4D

Just came back from the cinema, watching Shrek 4D. I was not blown away, but it was definitely more fun than your average flick. You sit in special seats that tilt forward, backward and to the sides. The seats also have a rumble function. Adding some air-pressure that simulates wind and the occasional splash of water in your face…it does add an extra dimension to the movie. I don’t know about calling it 4D really. More like a 3D movie with enhanced effects. As with Avatar, this is just the beginning and I can see how the concept could be enhanced in the future to something really cool. Imagine watching a horror movie and feeling you neck get slit by a simulated knife!

The movie itself was…well not the best Shrek. I still believe no 1 is unsurpassed by its sequels. But the whole 4D experience was a treat, and if you have a chance to go experience some 4D nearby…don’t hesitate!


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