Sashimi and Sushi

One of the great things about travelling to Korea and Japan is the opportunity to eat REAL sashimi and sushi. Especially in Japan, the stuff just blow you away…at least when you come from the country of Sweden. Tonight’s dinner was no exception

There are 3 major differences between sushi in Sweden and the one you get in eastern Asia.

1. The selection of fish is just poor. We have eel, we have mackerel etc, but the only stuff you get is salmon, shrimp and maybe a bit of tuna.

2. The portion of rice is way to big in Sweden. As you can see on the picture to the right, the fish completely covers the little amount of rice.

3. The way we eat it. In Asia they always put a bit of wasabi between the fish and the rice. Therefore it’s not necessary to put any wasabi in the soy-sauce unless you want to spice it up. Also you should not fill a cup of soy-sauce. Just put a little bit and then refill. And you should NOT dip the rice in the sauce…just the fish.

Very simple things actually. I’m surprised none of the sushi restaurants get this.


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