Dr Noki @ Lovebox

Dr Noki is a pioneer when it comes to sustainable fashion. Creating pieces of recycled garments. He showcased a collection at the Lovebox music festival in London on July 19.

“Just like Linda, Naomi and Christie famously known for only waking up for no less than £ 10,000 a day, Dr Noki only wakes up to immerse himself in exciting new projects,” said Noki. “Music is one of my first loves so I was very excited and honoured to be asked to host Lovebox’s first ever catwalk show. I can’t wait to bring an explosion of sustainable fashion Dr Noki style to the main stage at Lovebox”

Dr Noki also created a collection for the newly opened store “123” in London, where he got 1 floor to showcase his creations.

Its not my style, and Im not sure how many people are able to actually wear the stuff on the street without looking ridiculous, but I love the creativity and just looking at these pictures of popsicle fashion makes me happy.

It’s always nice to see people working it with a different approach.

Dr Noki himself


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