Laser printed Furniture in 3D

What if you could sketch up furniture of your liking, then feed it to a computer which is hooked up with a printer that then will print that furniture in 3D for you to enjoy? Sound like some sci-fi movie? Well it isn’t. It’s the future, and it’s nearly here.

I had the opportunity to listen to a friend talking about this for quite some time, but now pictures and articles start showing up online and I’m seriously starting to believe in it.

Of course these 3D printers are not limited to making furnitures. Imagine the things you could do with these! There’s even been talk about printing whole houses that are recyclable. So when you are tired of your old house, you just return it and print a new one. Maybe the guy behind Zeitgeist Addendum wasn’t all wrong when talking about living in a society built on resources instead of a monetary system.

Well, either way I find this really cool.

For more pictures and info, head over to Dornob.com


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