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Movie tip: Carancho

Carancho (2010) is Argentina’s contribution to the 2011 Oscar Foreign Language Picture category. Last year’s argentinian contribution Secret In Their Eyes (2009) won the Oscar in this category. As with Secret In Their Eyes, actor Ricardo Darin plays the lead role.

In Carancho, Darin plays the sleazy lawyer who lost his license and is now lurking around victims of traffic accidents trying to make them his clients. It is during these premises that he meet Lujan (Martina Gusman) who is a doctor trying to save the lives of these victims.

Carancho is not as stunning as Secret In Their Eyes. It will not win an Oscar, but I would not be surprised if it in fact would receive a nomination. It is a very well scriptured movie. It mixes romance with thriller seen with a fairly cruel look upon human values.

Here is Twitchfilm’s review

“We are all familiar with the concept of the sleazy lawyer, the vulture who lurks on the outskirts just awaiting his chance to swoop in and profit on others’ misfortune. Pablo Trapero takes that image as the center of his stellar, genre defying, latest effort Carancho.

The always-stellar Ricardo Darin is Sosa, a man with a hidden history who now ekes out a living working as a personal injury lawyer, scanning the police radio and chasing ambulances to find poor people caught in misfortune and handle their insurance claims – always being sure to skim a healthy percentage for his employers.

It is while working his nightly rounds that Sosa first meets Lujan (Martina Gusman) a young doctor who, like Sosa, carries an awful lot of weight and history in her eyes. Sosa knows seemingly immediately that Lujan is the woman for him. She needs some convincing, but the two are nevertheless drawn inexorably together.

And this is when we learn that Sosa’s sleaze goes beyond an unfortunate profession and into outright criminal behavior. A job goes wrong, someone ends up dead and Sosa’s life – so close to achieving happiness – crumbles.

A film that fuses stellar character work and intimate drama with larger thriller and heist moments with a few elements of shocking violence thrown in for good measure, Carancho is a masterful piece of work from writer / director / producer / editor Pablo Trapero. Trapero serves notice here that he is one of the very best film makers int he world today. Period. The complexity of his characters, the technical quality of the film work, his ability to balance intimate emotion with realistic and brutal action sequences, his obvious skill in working with actors – though that is made easier when you have actors the caliber of Darin to work with – Trapero is at the highest level in all of these. Flawless? Carancho comes pretty damn close. With one day left for me here in Cannes, this is the film of the festival for me.”



Tijuana Sound Machine

It was released 2008. I never heard of the bands Bostich or Fussible before. Neither have I listened to their music or this album before. It just happened that it showed up during a search on Spotify. It’s a truly great album though! Quite original.

It is like a crossing between Philip Glass and some local mexican music, mixed up with some modern electronic beats. Love it!

You can download the album for free, here!


Bible Illuminated: The Book

Cool book!

This book is really interesting. Yes it’s the bible, but a revised version in a modern take. It’s the new testament written as the original. The text is the same. But the difference between the old bible and this new edition is that this book has parts of the text illuminated and some pretty stunning photography linked to those illuminated parts, in order to apply the words of the bible to modern day society.

I do not believe in god.

However, I believe it is naive to dismiss the bible on the sole purpose of not believing in god. The bible contains a lot of wisdom which, looked upon critically does not really relate to god himself. Therefore I found this book very interesting and surely a topic to discuss at the coffee table back home.


Rad by Rad Hourani Spring 2011

Short clip of the final walk of Rad by Rad Hourani Spring 2011 show

You can find clip of the full show in better quality here.




Diet Butcher Slim Skin Sneaker

These are the classic Diet Butcher Slim Skin sneakers. They make new editions and alterations for every new season. This fall they changed the leather from deer to goat to ensure better durability. They also added a zipper for easy removal.

Often, they are overpriced in the west, but if you’re heading towards Japan by december, check them out, they are pretty dope.

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